About Me!

I have a passion for all things technology related. Have experience with a number of programming languages and concepts. C# .NET, Angular, TypeScript, InterSystems Caché, DSM, and MS SQL server being some of my strengths; I also possess experience in many web development languages, frameworks, and countless other repository/subversion control software such as GIT and TFS.

Currently, I lead a team of five remote developers and support engineers located remotely both globally and domestically. My focus has been on full-stack application development including RESTful web micro-services utilizing an Angular front-end. Our technology stack utilizes DevOps fundamentals I’ve constructed for our needs, involving automated builds and deployments from source control to a global horizontally scaled server environment.

Possess advanced understanding of Windows and Linux for maintenance and repair; knowledge in repair of software and hardware ranging from server administration, client computing, and mobile handsets as well as other Unix and MacOS capabilities.

Hold a Bachelors Degree of Science in Computer Information Systems from University Wisconsin Stevens Point concentrating in application development, design and support as well as an MBA in Information Technology Management from WGU Indiana. Have proven excellence with years of experience leading teams, supporting end users, maintaining applications, and repairing operating systems.

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